How to apply for a scholarship of the Province of Bozen/Bolzano

Every year the autonomous province of Bozen/Bolzano allocates a significant amount of public funds to subsidise young citizens, who pursue a degree of higher education.  

The scholarships paid out by the province for the attainment of a degree of higher education, are granted in two ways: 

1) Scholarship of variable amount, based upon the economic situation of the student (family included, see exceptions) 

2) Scholarship in the amount of Euro 1.160,00 granted by a merit-based ranking (265 scholarships)

Scholarships based on the economic situation

Unfortunately we have to inform you, that if you're citizen 

Merit-based scholarships

If you're inscribed at one of the following institution of higher education based in the province of Bolzano, you can apply for a merit-based scholarship:

Out of the 265 merit-based scholarships granted by the province every year (suspended 2020-2022), 80 are allocated to students studying in South Tyrol and spread proportionally across the following fields of study: