The book corner

Recently we have finally set up our book corner in the cellar. In collaboration with several South Tyrolean libraries we have collected over 100 books of all kinds and in German, Italian and English. These books are the basis of our "Book-Exchange".

At the Book-Exchange interested people can come to our branch, bring an old book and in return choose a new book from our book corner and take it home. This way we have a constantly changing collection of books. At the bottom of the page you will find our index with the current stock.

Of course there will also be the possibility to just browse a little or read a book comfortably on our couches. Unfortunately we are not able to do this due to the current Covid-19 rules.

The rules

The guidelines for the Book-Exchange are very simple:

  • The book that is brought should be in good condition.

  • In order to maintain a balance between books, we ask that genre and language be maintained in the exchange if possible.
    I.e.: German novel will be exchanged with German novel.

Of course it is no problem if this is not always the case.

Our current collection