Become a member

Any person who accepts the statute of sh.asus can become a member. Membership is open to all regardless of origin, language group, etc. However, only students have passive voting rights.

There are countless reasons for becoming a member of sh.asus. The best ones are:

  • We represent your interests as a student

  • It is and will remain FREE

  • We have six branch offices in five cities where you have the possibility to stay for some nights (Trento, Bologna, Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna)

  • You can receive information about study and university matters (recognition, healthcare etc)

  • You can receive information about scholarships and we help you to fill out all the necessary forms

  • You can participate in workshops organized by the sh.asus

  • You can receive our newsletter

  • You can use our (fully anonymous) psycological support

What are you waiting for?


You will receive a welcome email with your membership card within minutes.